Project Konnect


The transition from Middle School to High School is very tough and challenging for the freshmen and high school students in general. Students usually don’t get comfortable in this new environment and often become very shy, they also feel discouraged to the fact that they don’t know how the school years gonna go. Students don’t get comfortable getting to know other students and teachers or talk with them in person. Most high school students faced this problem, even me and my group members did. This kind of problem affect them socially throughout life.


Me and my group think that we could make a social app like facebook for high school students only. Every high school will send the student their own email and password for the app and the the student can have the option to change their own password, students can write reviews, and other tips to make the app better in the online store.This will only be given out to the students who were admitted.The app can be found in Google Play Store or IOS App Store or Windows Store. Students can download it to their phones or the website. This app will be for all high school students from 9th grade to 12th grade. They can sign in to their account using their school's email (provided by their high school) only. In that app students can chat with students from that school and with teachers. Students may post statuses about what they did in summer or anything they want to share with the school. If anything goes wrong, like students bad behavior or inappropriate behaviors, teachers are required to take strict actions. Everything will be recorded by school officials. This would be a great and safe way to know each other before even they start school so they don't feel uncomfortable with their new environment and get along with their new friends.

What Can Go Wrong?

How Can The Problems Be Solved? (Above)

Everything on the app is recorded by school officials. Teachers are required to take strict actions if something goes wrong.

what’s special about the app?

Students can chat or group chat with teachers Students/teachers can upload pictures Students/teachers can post statuses There gonna be educational games that can only be played once a day Each game has to do with one subject By completing the high-score required students will get extra credit for that class.

Why We Chose This Idea?

We chose this technological solution because most of the students usually don't feel comfortable meeting new people or talking with them in person. Mostly teenagers are very comfortable chatting or texting with new people through social apps or technologies. I've been through this a lot. I'm very comfortable talking with people through social app rather than talking with them in person, the same thing goes with my teammates. This is why we chose this technological solution to our problem.

Our audience for this app